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What is BTC TBS?

It’s an opportunity to buy cryptopacks using bitcoins. BTC TBS exchanges cryptocurrencies to earn commissions or do some mining, and make constant pays to its customers 

What’s the cost of the Cryptopacks and how much do we get as profit? 

There are tree types of cryptopacks:
- The cryptopack WISDOM: from US $2000 to US $ 49,999 -30% profits per month. Total duration:11 months . Total of 330% profit
- The cryptopack SPEED 2.1: from US $ 500 to US $ 1,999 - 2.1% profits per day over70 working days.
- The cryptopack FAST AND FURIOUS: US$ 50,000 - 2.8% profits per day over 50 working days. Total duration: 10 weeks ie 70 days. 
With a maximum of US$ 50,000 in active cryptopacks. 
Commissions for cryptopack SPEED are paid 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. 
Withdrawal requests (Cryptopacks SPEED) are open the 1rst Monday od every month from 11:00 am to 11:00pm, Paris time / Madrid 

Can I earn commission recommending the Cryptopacks? 

Yes, using your affiliate link in your BTC TBS account, you can recommend purchasing cryptopacks and receive commissions as Business Contributor: 
-Cryptopack WISDOM Business Contributor: 10% commission 
-Cryptopack WISDOM Helping your Business Contributors : 5% commission
- Cryptopack SPEED Business Contributor: 7% commission
- Cryptopack SPEED Helping your Business Contributors: 3% commission
Cryptopack WISDOM: You can either withdraw this commission balance every month or buy cryptopacks starting from US $ 500 (SPEED).
Cryptopack SPEED: You can either withdraw this  commisasion balance on the following Monday or buy cryptopacks starting from US $ 500 (SPEED). 

When and how can I request a withdrawals? 

- Cryptopack WISDOM: Withdrawal is automatic to your bitcoin account once a month (1rst monday of the month)
-Cryptopack SPEED: You can request a withdrawal to your bitcoin account once a month (1rst monday of the month) for12 hours Paris time. For that you need to have registered your bitcoin address in your account configuration. The minimum withdrawal is $5USD 

When will the withdrawals be paid? 

Between Tuesday and Thursday in bitcoins. In other words it takes between 12 to 72 hours to process your withdrawal request. 

How do I add funds to my account? 

You use bitcoins. Everything works with this Cryptocurrency. 

Where can I get bitcoins? 

There are several sites where you can use a credit card or a bank account and buy bitcoins. Such as , Xapo or or
You can also do it through wire transfer in other many sites such as,,, Payeer 
These bitcoins processors are given for information purposes only. We have no contract or financial relationship with them and are not responsible for any disputes that may arise.