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Terms & Conditions

When accessing or using the services of the BTC THE BUSINESS SHOP "website", (at the following web address:,) as well as the use of every available service on our internet web page, the user accepts and commits to the following terms and conditions of use. Terms that affect his rights and obligations. If the user refuses to abide by those terms, he then, should not access nor use our services.

THE BUSINESS SHOP reserves the right to accept or refuse customers. The company also reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions described here at any given time and at its entire discretion. The company will inform the customers of said changes through the publication of the modified version, along with the date of the last reviewing or through a release sent by email to customers. Date from which the new update will come into effect. If the customer continues to access his account and/or to use our services, this will constitute automatically his approval of said modifications. If the customer does not agree, he will have to cease completely the use of his account and/or of our services.


Every person aged 18 years old or more can register and have an account, unless the laws of his country forbids him to do so.

When registering or having an account with THE BUSINESS SHOP, the customer guarantees that the deposited funds come from legally obtained means, and that he wont be using our site, his account or any of our services for money laundering purposes or to finance illegal, illegitimate or terrorism activities.


In order to have access to our services, the customer must create an account with BTC THE BUSINESS SHOP.

While creating his account, the customer commits to give truthful, updated and complete data.

Since he possesses an account with us, the customer commits to keep his data updated so that the information is constantly current.

He commits to preserve the security and confidentiality of his account, as well as to keep his password safe and not to share it with anyone. He also commits to limit the access of his account and of his computer to third parties.

The company has at its disposal first class security systems. However, in the case that the customer would detect a risk to our site security, he will have to inform the company immediately.

The customer is responsible for all activity brought about on his account and he abides to all the risks that non authorized access bring about.


THE BUSINESS SHOP works fervently to keep the data base secure. However, the company cannot be responsible for damages, infringement and costs involved during the relaying of data by way of the internet, particularly the platforms or emails holding customer's information. Under no circumstances, will the provided information by the customer to THE BUSINESS SHOP be considered confidential; it could create a fiduciary obligation in the eventuality where it would have been obtained by third parties without the authorization of THE BUSINESS SHOP.


1.The company will pay every day, the customer/commission agent, the commissions resulting from the crypto-trading, in bitcoins.
2.The commission agent can, in a privately manner, recommend to third parties this business opportunity. He will then receive a participating share or commission on the acquisition value made by his affiliate. The said share will be assessed according to each level of the direct line managed by the commission agent.
3.The commission agent declares that he understands the way crypto-trading works and the risks it involves; therefore, waiving all claims against the company in case of potential losses.
4.The company will take care of the crypto-trading of the crypto-currencies in all time in a confidential way in order to protect the commercial strategy.
5.The commission agent may have only one account into the BTC TBS commercial system. Therefore, it is utterly forbidden that the commission agent should open several accounts directly linked to his main account (action also known as self-sponsoring), in order to receive recommendation commissions; this would be considered as a fraudulent activity. The company takes very seriously this kind of fraudulent actions, and those who should transgress this rule and should fall into the error of those actions, will be subjects to severe sanctions, such as the blocking of their account, of their contribution and their removal from the company.